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Spring Eyes

It's time to change your wintery makeup to something lighter and fresher. Here's some ideas.

    * It is probably time to throw out that old tube of mascara anyway, so this is the perfect time to lighten up. Try a black/brown shade and go a little heavier on the upper lashes. Coat the bottom just so that they don't disappear.

    * Just because we are going for a fresh look for the eyes, doesn't mean that we ignore the brows. Take a close look and see if any maintenance is necessary. Can't manage it on your own? Ask for some recommendations and then have them professionally done. The hard work is done and all you have to do is tidy them up when necessary.

    * I'm not going to tell you to give up your liner... even I can't do that, but you might want to work your liner right into the lash line instead of having a visible line above. Looks much fresher.

    * To balance the face nicely, you might want to try using a little of your blush as a shadow. It is amazing how natural it looks.

    * I mentioned liner earlier. Have you ever considered using green? On brown eyes, it looks amazing.

    * Did you know that a touch of yellow shadow will do amazing things for blue eyes!