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Smudge boyfriend's shirt with makeup by Iman Cosmetics

My boyfriend tells me that I wear too much makeup. I have always loved makeup and think of it as a fashion accessory. How do you know when too much is too much?

Iman: Most men don't like makeup and they say they like women to look natural, but they don't understand that even natural requires work. Any woman can apply great ''no-makeup'' makeup in 15 minutes. This is what I call my triple threat: Foundation that complements your skin tone, a powder to set it and a bronzer to give you a sun-kissed look. After that, keep the rest simple -- slightly smoldering eyes and a juicy nude/golden lip.

You know you are wearing too much makeup when you leave traces of your makeup on your shirt or on your man's skin; that's a no-no.

It is beauty's ''golden rule'' that you should accentuate one feature at a time. Choose what you consider to be your best feature -- eyes or lips -- and accentuate only one. It's about balancing your features, mixing and matching. These are my ''beauty building blocks.'' Once you master them, you can try many different looks that can take you easily from work to cocktails.

If you have light eyes, a dark smoky shadow will make them pop and look sexy, but smoky doesn't have to mean black. You can use eggplant, emerald or maroon. If you have dark eyes, golden and bronze shadows will make them look like they are swimming in sunset. And don't forget, everyone looks great with a lot of black mascara. Curl your lashes once before the mascara and once more after the mascara dries. You'll look gorgeous.