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Skin Lightening - Cream, Pill, Product for Skin Lightening

Why is Skin Lightening required?

The type and amount of melanin synthesized by the melanocyte and its distribution pattern in the surrounding keratinocytes determines the actual color of the skin. Melanin forms through a series of oxidative reactions involving the amino acid tyrosine in the presence of the enzyme tyrosinase.
Skin Lightening treatment tips

When it comes to selecting treatment for these areas, one factor to consider is the depth of the discolored pigment. Most of the time discoloration is superficial. In a few cases, the discoloration lies deep in the dermis. If the pigment is in the epidermis, it can be helped with skin-lightening products. If the pigment is deeper, laser treatments are a consideration
Types of Skin Lightening Agents

Among skin-lightening agents, hydroquinone (HQ) is one of the most widely prescribed agents in the world. However, with reports of potential mutagenicity and epidemics of ochronosis in African nations, there has been increasing impetus to find alternative herbal and pharmaceutical depigmenting agents. A review of the literature reveals that numerous other depigmenting or skin-lightening agents are in use or in investigational stages.

    * Sunscreen
    * Laser Treatments
    * Hydroquinone
    * Tretinoin
    * Alpha Hydroxy Acids
    * Kojic Acid
    * Azelaic Acid
    * Arbutin
    * Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate
    * Combination Treatments

Home remedy for face pigmentation

2 tsp of oatmeal powder, 2 tsp of almond powder, 2 tsp of carrot juice, mix all and apply on pigmented area twice daily.