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Skin Care By The Numbers

Instead, skin researchers have some other suggestions for you. We stopped by the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Oak Campus today to tell you a little bit more about these suggestions. They want you to know some numbers and here they are:

1- One ounce of sunscreen is what you need on your skin for protection. That's about a half a teaspoon.

2- It's the maximum number of hours you should go before you reapply sunscreen.

3--Three years is the max you should keep a bottle of sunscreen.

6- Six is the number of hours you need to know. Between 10am and 4pm are the six hours of peak sun-time you are most at risk for skin cancer.

20- It's the percent risk you have of getting skin cancer The risk is 33% if you are caucasian.

40- That's how many minutes a waterproof sunscreen will protect you before it wears off in the water. Don't depend on inside protection for the outside; now is a great time to pick up a new bottle of sunscreen.