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Skin Beauty tips - beauty care facial skin tip


    * Follow an appropriate cleansing routine to keep the pores free of cloaked sebum.
    * Seak professional help for the removal of blackheads and treatment of acne.
    * Never pinch blackheads and pimples.
    * Acne, if controlled in good time, can prevent scarring.


    * Select skin care routine according to skin type.
    * Cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day.
    * Protect your skin from the sun and air pollutants.
    * Remember to remove all make-up before bedtime.
    * A routine of regular care and a healthy lifestyle should be established.


    * Have regular salon facials to cleanse and tone the skin.
    * If you have dry skin, set up daily moisturisation.
    * Pay attention to the area around the eyes, using specialized products for cleansing and nourishing.
    * These are the chile bearing years. Seek professional care for chloasma (hyperpigmentation).
    * Avoid the sun and protect the skin against sun exposure.


    * Regular exfoliation with mask or scrub helps to set up the cell renewal process.
    * Salon facials wih massage, toning and nourishing on a weekly basis helps to delay the ageing.
    * Moisturised cleansers, masks and makeup item should be used. Intensive moisturisation may be necessary.


    * Daily nourishment with a light massage will help to keep the skin soft.
    * Pay more attention to the neck area.
    * Continue daily care of the region around the eyes.
    * Adopt intensive moisturisation procedures.