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Should Sun Pills be Part of Natural Skin Care?

and controversy is building. Somewhere in there is the truth. Do they protect against sun damage, or not? Are they a replacement for sunscreen, or not? Here are the facts you need to determine whether sun pills are a good addition to your summer natural skin care routine.

If you've read some of the current articles, you may notice from their responses that most of the doctors appear to be answering the question "Can sun pills replace sunscreen?" In fact, none of the brands on the market claim to be sunscreen or sun block, nor do they claim to replace them. They simply claim to protect from sun damage. Some of the advertising is confusing because it contains statements about the product not having to be reapplied and not washing off - obviously comparing it to sunscreen, and therefore giving the impression that you would use the pills as an alternative - but, the packaging and advertising also says that the pills should be used with sunscreen.

So, first of all, recognize that sun pills do not replace sunscreen nor do they lessen the amount of sunscreen one would need. However, they do act internally to protect against sun damage, and therefore should be part of your natural skin care routine - especially those formulas high in vitamins and herbs. The ingredients generally include Vitamins A, C, D and E, selenium, paba, green tea extracts, aloe, pomegranate, ashwagandha (used in Ayurvedic medicine for a wide variety of problems - including treating tumors and inflammation) and beet root. Many of these are potent antioxidants that fight the free radicals which affect the DNA at the cellular level when UV radiation penetrates the skin. Bear in mind that some UV rays will penetrate the skin, regardless of sunscreen. Clinical studies have also shown some of these ingredients to be beneficial to collagen and elastin production.

However, a good basic supplementation program will no doubt have almost all of these nutrients included. So, if you have such a basic program, you probably already have the protection that sun pills offer for natural skin care - although you may want to up the dosages a bit in the summer to counteract the increased exposure.

The nutrients in sun pills will help your skin any time of year. Free radicals abound all year 'round, and antioxidants help combat them - leaving you with fresher, younger, healthier skin. If you have any questions about it, consult a dermatologist, but, according to many of the interviews in the current articles, most will agree that these nutrients will help your general health, and your skin, and should be part of your natural skin care routine.