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Shaving Tips

1. Try to shave at night. Shaving removes dead skin cells and the superficial layer of the epidermis. While this process is actually healthy for your skin, it also reduces your skin's defenses for a couple of hours. If you do shave in the morning, you are more likely to expose weakened skin to external elements and your shaved skin will feel less comfortable. Shaving at night will give your epidermis the entire night to recover its strength and suppleness to resist irritation.

2. It is really important for your legs to be wet for at least a couple of minutes before you start shaving. Apply hot water or shave after showering. Warm humidity increases skin elasticity and softens your hair. Hot water actually diminishes hair toughness, which can increase blade longevity. Wet hair is easier to shave.

3. Use the best razor you can afford. Keep in mind that the duller the blade the more irritated your skin will become. Change your blades regularly, especially if you have sensitive skin. On sensitive areas, such as the bikini and underarms, shaving with a dull blade can result in red spots. Schick just introduced the new Schick Quattro for Women, the world's first technologically advanced four-bladed women's razor.

4. Apply shaving cream or gel. Once your hair is softened, the razor will glide more easily over skin, avoiding damage. Lather the cream/gel with back and forth motions over the area you are going to shave. Leave the cream/gel on your skin two minutes before shaving.

5. Go with the grain first. To prevent serious skin damage and razor burn, always start to shave in the direction of the hair growth. Once your have removed most of the hairs, you can finish the shave by passing against the grain to get a closer shave. Draw your hand over your skin to feel the direction of the hair growth. Although legs can be the easiest to shave, remember to be careful on bony and folded areas.

6. Shave underarms vertically. As hair grows almost straight in his area, you can shaver either upwards or downwards.

7. Use horizontal moves and short strokes when shaving bikini area. Draw your hand over your skin to feel the direction of the hair growth. Be careful to use short and even strokes to avoid passing too many times over the same area.

8. If shaving creams/gels are too harsh for you, try a shower gel or a hair conditioner instead and see if it works better for you.

9. Shave clean skin. Try not to shave any part of your body without having your skin perfectly clean. This will help prevent infection or bumps.

10. Be sure to apply a soothing moisturizer over your freshly shaved skin. If you find your skin is still irritated, try a topical antibiotic like Neosporin or aloe vera gel. Both offer quick relief and neutralize redness and itching.

11. Don't bother exfoliating your skin before shaving. If you rinse your shaver after each stroke dead skin cells won't clog up your razor.

12. Change razors or cartridges on a regular basis. Always rinse your shaver in hot running water. If you shave during bathing, simply shaking the blade into the bathtub may be less productive and less hygienic.