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Right On the Kisser

Right on the Kisser
by Diane Aden Hayes
Lifestyles Editor

No, it's not really ink, but it stays on almost as well. The company that produces it says they find it stays on at least 50 percent longer than other lipsticks, but my experience was top of the line � it went on and stayed on.

But if there's a down side to this kiss bliss it's this: LIP INK® is a commitment. If you want it to stay on, you have to follow the rules.

For some, that could be a turn-off. When I first looked at the booklet that came with my starter kit, I was a bit worried. Eleven steps to put on lipstick, I thought. Do I really want to do this?

Of course, I had to do it � it was my story idea.

But with several of the steps just being repetitions, it turned out not to be much worse than the usual lip shenanigans. In a nutshell, the process involved cleaning the lips with a solution called "Off," blotting lips dry, starting and ending with a moisturizer called "Shine" and slooooooowly applying three coats of the color.

It isn't hard to do, even for a klutz like me, but it is different.

First there's the feel. The company says you may feel a "tingle" the first few times you apply LIP INK, and I certainly's caused by the herbs used in the product, the literature says.

Then there's the color. I had ordered Rosewood and Champagne, colors I thought would be fairly neutral, but Champagne came out darker and more intense than I had expected.

For a moment I was unhappy with the look. Then I looked at my lips. They were huge, soft and full.

Hmm, I thought, this explains Tyra Banks' lips.

LIP INK® is a liquid, and so it's able to fill in spaces you can't easily get to with a stick or brush. That makes for fuller-looking lips.

That also means you can't rush when applying it; liquids can spill easily, so it's a good idea to go slow.

I spent much of the day putting LIP INK® to the test. I ate greasy leftover pizza, went out into the cold winter weather, took a nap on my off-white couch.

It didn't come off. No lip prints on my glass, napkin, scarf, clothes or couch.

A couple of times I added another coat of the Shine moisturizer to keep my lips feeling supple. When the day was over, I removed the color with the "off" solution and that was it.

After a couple of days, the routine was an old hat. In fact, when I went back to wearing my regular lipstick, just to test out the difference, I had to re-think what I was doing. Blotting had quickly become a thing of the past.

I think I will continue to use LIP INK® for days or nights when I don't want to be bothered with touching up, and want to look especially good. That would be most of the time. But I confess I will probably use the few lipsticks I have now sometimes, because I hate to waste anything.

Right on the Kisser