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Revolutionary Skin Care Technology

The first and only clinically proven technology delivering true skin regeneration. Now patients can benefit from reduced wrinkles, tighter skin and improved skin tone and texture, all at the same time with the Portrait procedure. Surface blemishes, discoloration and benign skin lesions are also effectively treated by Portrait.

Portrait skin regeneration is a dramatic leap forward in the science of beauty. It is a plasma energy technology never before used in the cosmetic field. Compared to other treatments that only improve skin at the surface, Portrait works both at and below the surface. The results seen following treatment get better over time with clinical studies showing continuing improvement a year later. This is a unique and significant advantage that distinguishes Portrait from all other skin treatments.

The Portrait procedure creates the right conditions and natural growth factors for new collagen and continuing skin regeneration. It reduces wrinkles and improves the overall health and appearance of the skin. Clinical study patients across the board have given their improved skin tone and texture very high ratings in post-treatment evaluations.

"Portrait skin regeneration is a brand new technology with very unique capabilities," explains Dr. Hurley. "Other treatments like chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser work by taking things away from the skin surface, so they can only do so much. Portrait works very effectively at the surface but it also activates and stimulates collagen growth deeper within the skin causing new, healthy skin to emerge naturally. It's an entirely different mode of action and the results are exceptional."

Portrait is a simple procedure that takes 15 - 20 minutes for a full face treatment. Backed by years of clinical research, it is safe and effective, giving patients the results they want with an optimized downtime relative to the desired outcome and without the risks associated with other treatments. Practice Description: Dr. Hurley received her undergraduate degree with honors from Vanderbilt University and her medical degree with honors from Tulane Medical School. She completed her residency at UT Southwestern where she served as Chief Resident at Parkland Hospital. She practices medical and cosmetic dermatology and is on staff at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. She has been listed in D Magazine's listing of "Top Docs in Dallas" since 2003.