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Basic Training for New Retailers

Review what they received in their order.
Review the FAQ’s

These are the most important things:
1. The products can spill keep upright and open slowly
2. Less is better
3. Be sure to shake the product against the palm of your hand before each use
4. What blotting means, how to do it and why
5. How to line with any lip color
6. How to use the disposable applicators
7. Explain the tingle and the maximum hydration and sun protection
8. Explain why our products are not compatible with other cosmetics
9. Explain what the difference is between long lasting and guaranteed smear proof (how our moisturizer is applied before the liquid lip colors.
10. Explain the three product eco system Go over the color library be sure to explain the 10 color groups and go over the moisturizer chart on this page when you scroll down

Go over these pages


Profit centers


Product descriptions

How our products are different than others on the market
Front -
Back -

Why 1 million colors

Our three product eco system consists of botanical color that is guaranteed smear proof & moisturizer (Oils) see chart and only one product from the water family our (OFF) Show them where they can find the ingredient list Suggest that they paint a picture on a piece of paper using all the (liquid botanical testers) explain the three product eco system

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