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Renewal of Skin

(I recommend St. Ives Apricot Scrub.) Using your selected product, gently buff away any rough spots and dry skin cells in seconds. Remembering to repeat this process regularly will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and perfect.

For further rejuvenation, a facial mud mask applied at least once a week will dry out problem areas on your skin, relax facial muscles and relieve tension lines as the mask hardens in minutes. Allow the mask to dry as you relax while reading a book or magazine, watching part of a television program or writing out your shopping list.

The Whole Body Experience

Macrobiotic Counselor Patrick Riley suggests doing a daily "body rub", which involves dipping a white washcloth in warm water and vigorously rubbing every square inch of one's body. He explains that this procedure would leave the skin feeling fresh and renewed, while also freeing the mind. (Note: this is a great exfoliating technique as well.)

Additionally, scented moisturizing lotions for dry elbows, knees and legs will help to keep skin soft and smooth, moisturized and healthy.