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Rainy day makeup

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder." But this old age adage hold little value today. Now a days everyone has a vogue for being striking. Each and every woman wants to look attractive and gorgeous. It has become an impulsion to look presentable; no matter whichever field you belong to, whatever profession you are in to. With the coming up of monsoons, the fresh weather demands a spanking new look to match up with the surroundings. The vibrant colours of the nature induce a sense of liveliness, which has to be matched up by the makeup shades and the dressing style. Let us find out how Navi Mumbai looks at it…

The untimely arrival of the rains has brought down the heat and relieved everyone from the scorching sun. The look of the nature has changed, so match up your look with the colours of the life. "The colours which are recommended for this season are the vibrant colours like green, yellow and blue." Says Ms. Vrinda Chutele of Kala Boutique, C.B.D. "The people should see that they apply an appropriate shade of makeup analogous with the dress tint." She adds. The makeup chic has to be seasonal and trendy.

"We always recommend our customers to avoid conditioners and moisturizers with creamy base. Rather they should go for something which is generally used by the oily skin with minimum oil content," advices Ms. Husna Khan of Beauty Care Beauty Parlour, New Panvel. "The raise in moisture content and humidity lends stickiness which can be avoided in this way," she adds. The use of apposite shades adds glow to your skin.

The decision of the foundation also has to be taken with great care. "The application of a suitable foundation which acts as a makeup base has to be done according to the skin type. The soufflé act as a proper substitute for most of the times, suggests Shalini Gupta of Saloni Beauty Parlour. "The eye shadows can be of various colours in which a tint of silver can be added. This silver look will add a shine to the look," she adds.

The most important aspect of the rainy days makeup is the waterproof quality. The make up has to be definitely waterproof to make it sure that it does not drip down with rains. The latest trend demands to keep pace with the world. The definition of "beautiful" today has changed as it now assimilates the entire appearance of the person starting from his face to costume style. So, in this monsoon add some shimmer in your look and look stunning as ever…