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Oily skin

Most oily skin problems occur on the face, especially the nose, since the sebaceous (suh-BAY-shuhs) glands which produce oil are more numerous here than anywhere else on the body.

Your neck, chest, and back also tend to have a higher concentration of these glands. While the oiliness of your skin is determined mainly by heredity and hormones, there are steps you can take to cope with the oil and avoid making the condition worse.

Washing two or three times a day with soap or a cleanser and lukewarm water can fight excess shine and help to keep pores from clogging. Always wash your face before going to bed. However, avoid hot water, scrubbing, or any cleansers that are too harsh. Over-drying the skin will merely trigger the glands to produce even more oil.

Rinse well and use an astringent or toner afterward to remove any residue. If needed, pre-moistened cleansing pads can be used to touch up oily areas between face washes. On areas prone to breakouts, use only oil-free or water- based moisturizers and cosmetics.