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Skin Nourishers - Skin Nourishing - Nourish your skin with skin food

Nourishing is a way of supplying emollients to the skin so that it can hold moisture better and performs its other functions. In dry skin and those which are aging, the secretion of sebum, the skin's natural oil, is low. Nourishing helps to replenish and feed the skin. It should be included in the daily night care routine.

A 'skin food' cream that is enriched emollients and vitamins like Vitamin A and E should be used to nourish the skin. Foods like wheat germ oil, carrot, cabbage, almonds provide valuable vitamins and minerals. Daily nourishment prevents the early appearance of line and wrinkles and keep the skin firm, soft, smooth and resilient.

Use the nourishment cream with Vitamin A, which is of utmost importance to the skin helping to relieve dryness and maintain skin elasticity and the nourishing cream with Vitamin E (anti-oxidant) which helps in minimizing cross linking damage. Cross linking is an oxidation process that causes degeneration to the supportive tissues and thus hastens premature aging of the skin. Vitamin E also promotes the healthy regeneration of the new skin cells.

Nourishment of the skin should be part of your night care routine so that the skin can be replenished after it has suffered assaults by sun exposure, chemical air pollutants, low humidity conditions and makeup. It also prepares the skin for the night so that the process of renewal and repair can carry on efficiently while you are asleep.