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Non-Ablative Laser Treatment Smooths out Acne Scars

Non-ablative laser treatment seems to eliminate many acne scars effectively after a three to five sessions. Recovery time is much shorter than conventional ablative laser treatment, a new study indicates. The study was carried out at the DermSurgery Laser Center, Houston, USA.

Dr Paul Friedman, study leader told Reuters: "Improvement is long-lasting, and (patients) may continue to improve for up to a year following the last treatment."

Acne leaves scars when the protein collagen of the skin is damaged. This new nonablative laser treatment acts under the surface of the skin and stimtulates collagen growth. This method helps get rid of scarring and also reduces fine lines. This nonablative laser treatment also makes the skin smoother and gives it a healthy glow.
Current laser treatment (ablative) heats and removes skin. Patients take much longer to recover - usually from one week to ten days.

With nonablative treatment you can go about your daily business, even work, straight after a session. Each nonablative session costs $400-$600.

Dr Friedman's study involved 11 patients who had mild to moderate acne scars. There was a 10% improvement in skin soon after three sessions. After 5 sessions (one month from start) improvement was 23%. After 6 months there was a 40% improvement.

The skin continues to improve after treatment, commented Dr. Friedman. This is because the collagen continues to remodel the skin.

If you have acne scars and do not like the idea of long recovery periods, this nonablative laser treatment may be useful.