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No-makeup look, from France again

*  Place a mirror by the best window in the house. There's no better light than genuine daylight when it comes to applying makeup. (If you get up before dawn or work at night, practice your routine a few times in daylight so you can replicate color and placement.)

    * Start with an oil-free moisturizer. Apply to the entire face. Let it set a few minutes.

    * Select a concealer that gives good coverage. Using a flat, square-shaped brush, apply it ever-so-delicately directly to the uneven areas. Let it set a few seconds. Look in the mirror, if you still see redness or blue tones coming through, repeat the technique. Remember, you must use a gentle, light touch; you don't want to clump on concealer. The goal is a light painting of makeup to cover any patchiness.

    * Skip foundation, the layering on of too much product can look artificial.

    * If the concealer looks at all rough or dry, take a bit of your oil-free moisturizer and gently pat it over the concealer. Again, let it set a few seconds.

    * Use a blotting powder with a velour puff to set the concealer by softly placing it over the area. Don't drag the puff or use a brush to apply the powder, as you're liable to pull the concealer right off.

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Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Cream
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