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No makeup look: Blush

Everyone needs blush, some less than others. For a natural face, stick to dusky pinks and light peaches. Leave the browns to the pros (these are better used for contouring), and oranges and reds for evening. Also, keep your palette on the warm side to mimic the most natural blush. "Electric" and icy pinks just won't give the same effect.

For the best blush, throw away the "suck in your cheeks" technique because, chances are, it won't really work unless a makeup artist does it. What do we know about bone structure, right?

Better use a fool-proof way. Use a fluffy brush to sweep color all over your cheeks. Apply some on your forehead and on the bridge of your nose to make you look sun-kissed. Do this in natural light to make sure you do the job right-bathroom light tends to mislead.

Tip: Cheek tints work well with this look as well. Liquid stains are better than cream, as they blend right into the skin. Choose a berry shade and blend with your fingers or a sponge.