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No-hassle no-makeup look - American makeup too much

WHILE it is always fun to treat our faces like canvases and play with color, there are times when the best makeup is one that makes you look like you have none at all. Say when you're having your fifth "first date" and want to have the "simple girl" look, or are attending a family reunion with more conservative members of the family in attendance, or simply want to look radiant but don't want to reveal the "beauty secret."

The no-makeup look is a sure winner-it is safe but never boring.

Looking at naturally made-up faces-glowing skin, flushed cheeks, just-bitten pouty lips-it is easy to dismiss the appearance as the easiest one to execute. We assume that since there is an absence of color (no blue, red or green), getting a no-makeup face is a cinch to do.

Makeup experts beg to disagree. Ironically, according to pro artist Barbie Chan, "The no makeup look requires more color to make it appear as natural as possible."

For everyday wear, when we want to be spared the complicated contouring and seamless color blending, the no-makeup look can be simplified. You only need a few but well-chosen products to pull it off. Unwanted shimmer in the wrong places or the wrong shade can sink the entire project.


To achieve natural face, it is important to note that nobody is genetically predisposed to having skin that's strikingly matte. Ditch heavy-coverage foundations and allow a natural glow to emerge. If your skin is on the clear side, a few drops of tinted moisturizer and a light dusting of translucent powder should do it. If your face tends to be oily, try a liquid or stick mattifier on shine-prone areas like your nose and forehead before your base.

Hide blemishes and uneven patches with a concealer. Lightly pat on concealer on dark circles and pimples. Use a shade lighter than your skin for the eye area, and one in your exact tone for blemishes. Set with translucent powder or one in your natural tone if you need more coverage.

Tip: For beautifully glowing skin, powder nose, forehead and chin, but try to leave cheeks bare-their natural oils will make you look like a beach babe. Don't be too obsessed with touching up.

Eye shadow

The eyes shouldn't be left bare as this will make that area look pale (especially after concealer) and rather ghastly. The trick is to put on small amounts of matte, neutral-toned shadow to liven up the eyes.

Start with a cream-colored shadow to smoothen lids and brighten the area. Remember, ditch the shimmery formulas to keep things natural. After you're done with the base, sweep a darker color from lashline to crease. Use taupe if you have fair skin and cocoa for darker tones. Blend, blend, blend! Make sure no lines are showing.

Groom brows with clear mascara. Curl your lashes and apply clear mascara.

Tip: If you're using brown or black mascara, make sure it's waterproof. Runny mascara won't advance the natural look! Better yet, apply brown or taupe liner to make lashes appear thicker.