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Night Creams

Night creams work to prevent this water loss and provide the skin's surface with active ingredients that can be absorbed throughout the night. Nighttime is an opportunity to undo the day's damage.

Night creams are useful from the age of twenty-five, especially for dry skins. But avoid very heavy creams as these can result in puffiness.

Actually, these creams are almost as essential to our skincare as the moisturizers that we apply during the day. With the beating that our skin takes during the hot summer days, it is important to give it a little extra attention.

If you have moderately dry skin, your best bet is to apply a regular moisturizer as often as you need it. A caveat: Certain creams, such as retinol creams or lightening creams that don't contain SPF, must only be used in the evening as they can cause sensitivity to the sun.