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Nicola Burford has been in the make-up game now for over a decade

As a senior artist for MAC Cosmetics she's had a chance to work in some of the world's fashion capitals - Paris, New York and Milan just to name a few.

This week she's Down Under creating signature styles for some of Australia's top designers.

This afternoon The Shallow End caught up with Nicola to find out what's hot and what's not for spring/summer 2007.

Nicola suggests to first focus on your eyes.

    "We've been seeing a lot of strong eyes, Certainly with the grey colours being the focus, as opposed to your traditional black or brown. So we have been seeing a lot of dove grey on the eye. We've also been seeing a lot of liner."

Strong orange lips and nearly nothing make-up, she says, are also proving to be popular.

    "You always get, every year, a trend to the nearly nothing make-up. People always think that nearly nothing make-up involves no make-up, when in fact it actually involves a lot more than if you were doing a strong look. So the nude make-up, the perfect skin is definitely still a huge trend for next season."

The too-tanned look and over-plucked brows are definite no-nos this season, Nicola says.

    "Certainly again in terms of trend, pale is definitely in. Gone is the footballers' wives tanned thing, it's very porcelain and pure ... those pencil-thin Kate Moss brows have totally gone out the window again, so get your brow pencils out and start colouring them in. A stronger, more Brooke Shields or Audrey Hepburn style brow is definitely a focus."