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New Crest Toothpaste Combines Cosmetics and Science in One Tube

It's been touted as the greatest innovation in toothpaste since fluoride was introduced in 1955; the future of oral health care; and the best toothpaste to ever be put to market. After ten years of research and development, Crest is about to launch the toothpaste to end all toothpastes: Crest Pro-Health.

At the product launch at The American Museum of Natural History in New York City, the American Dental Association (ADA) and Crest introduced Crest Pro-Health, the only toothpaste that claims to protect against cavities, gingivitis, plaque, tarter, stains, tooth sensitivity and bad breath.

For decades, hundreds of toothpastes have promised to be the healthiest, the toughest stain removers and the freshest tasting. And with such a myriad of colours and flavours to choose from, consumers have been left wondering what actually works. And without a doubt, there are going to be many who question Crest's long-awaited discovery of Pro-Health.

But according to Dr. Robert Fazio, an assistant clinical professor in surgery at Yale School of Medicine, Crest is the first toothpaste that can actually protect against a number of dental ailments. Until now, Fazio says, toothpaste companies have struggled to create a formula that balances fighting tartar with cavity control with bad breath and cosmetic whitening. In the past, the only effective way to achieve healthy teeth with a whiter smile was to use two or three products. That is, until Pro-Health.

As soon as the toothpaste hits your mouth, you notice an immediate difference. In a sample provided to Digital Journal, the toothpaste felt grainier than normal, almost as though the product exfoliates tartar and plaque from your teeth. After rinsing, your mouth is left with a tingly, just-left-the-dentist sensation and your teeth feel clean all day.

In fact, the science behind this toothpaste is actually what makes it work so well, as it includes two very important ingredients Stannous Fluoride and Sodium Hexametaphosphate. Stannous Fluoride is the only active ingredient to treat cavities, gingivitis and tooth sensitivities, while Sodium Hexametaphosphate is purported to be the best cosmetic cleaning ingredient.

"Crest always has science to back their claims," says Fazio. "For the first time in 51 years, we have a toothpaste that does everything we want in one package, and that makes my job as a dentist much easier."

Robert Gerlach, a member of the Crest Product Development Advisory Board, says some toothpaste companies spend less than ten weeks in research and development. Crest's decade-long venture signals the product's thoroughness and complex chemistry.

In addition, the response from the ADA has been unprecedented. Gerlach says Crest Pro-Health has already been approved be the association and it hasn't even been released. Comparatively, when Crest with fluoride launched in 1955 it took five years to earn the ADA seal.

Back then, Crest was the first company to introduce fluoride technology into its toothpaste. It was carried by the ad campaign that saw a little girl smile and say those four infamous words: "Look Mom, no cavities."

In addition to protecting against regular dental problems, Gerlach says Crest Pro-Health can be especially important for those who suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease and women who gave birth prematurely because studies show they are most susceptible to oral inflammatory disease.

"I have never seen, used or tested a better dentifrice than Pro-Health," Gerlich says.

Crest Pro-Health will be available in drugstores in August in two flavours: Clean Cinnamon and Clean Mint.