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Nefis Cosmetics presents a new cosmetic brand

Nefis Cosmetics enters the market with a new line body and hair care products, Love secrets.

The new line will be positioned in the medium price brackets. The release price for Love Secrets shower gel will make up 37.7 rubles, 29 rubles for the shampoo and 9.5 rubles for the solid toilet soap. The retail price is expected to be higher by 20-30%.

Love Secrets is the first trademark in the category of cosmetic products that the company is going to break a branding campaign for. Previously the company also produced soap, shampoos, shower gels, promoting them by means of non-advertising methods. The brands of soap and shampoo in question are Tvoe Solnyshko (Your Little Sun), Moi Kudryashki (Your ringlets), Lesnaya Polyana (Forest Glade), Val's Aromatov (Waltz of Fragrances), Tselebnye Travy (Healing Herbs), Ossenniy Val's (Autumn Waltz), Fruktovaya Alleya (Fruit Alley), Chistoye Polye (Open Field), Polza, PolzaVit, Vito s, Cokel, Dachnye Retsepty (Summer House Recipes) and others. Nefis Cosmetics succeeded noticeably in this line: according to the estimation of AC Nielsen, following the results of 2005 the company belongs to the five leaders in the market of soap and the ten in the market of shampoos.