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Natural cosmetics

No more iridescent lipsticks, glittering eye shadows or layers of foundation for the femme fatale of the city. Reason. Navratri is here. This means a strict NO to anything non-veg. So much so that a demand for herbal cosmetics has increased over their non-herbal counterparts that are believed to contain scales of fish, gelatin derived from animal bones and silkworms' secretion - but only for nine days.

Very interestingly, the women who have no problem using non-herbal cosmetics across the year suddenly abandon the same during Navratri. KT explores the psyche of these bhakts who are smitten by 'selective' vegetarianism only for a brief period.
Reema Singh, a strict veggie and party regular, explains her alienation from her favourite vanity kit as, "I didn't want to leave any scope of using non-veg products even by mistake." But why doesn't she stick to the policy throughout the year. "Well, as Navratri is regarded as a very sacred period, my conscience doesn't permit me to deviate from the 'not-to-dos' prescribed during the period," replies she.

In the same league is another socialite, Shaily Kapur who has suddenly switched over to herbal cosmetics during the nine days. "It's all a matter of belief," shares Shaily. She goes on to add, "Renunciation is upheld in all holy books. Keeping that in mind, I abandon the use of those cosmetics during Navratri which I fear might carry any non-herbal ingredient."

The Union Health Ministry too is making an effort towards the same end. They are contemplating the extension of the green and the brown dots, characteristic to veg and non-veg foods respectively, labelled on food items to cosmetics as well, in accordance with the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act.

For some, abstinence from presumed 'non-veg' cosmetics is a religious belief during the Navratri but many take the ephemeral abandonment as a part of skin treatment. Socialite Pallavi Mathur asserts that make-up using herbal cosmetics is definitely skin friendly but lacks variety.

"Using herbal products for nine days is fine if that's what my religious mother-in-law wants. For me, it's just a reason to stay away from cosmetics loaded with chemically treated non-veg ingredients and provide a little change to my skin," says Pallavi.
Even as the vegetarian brigade of Bollywood like Big B, Esha Deol and Isha Koppikar use all kinds of cosmetics, the ladies in apna Kanpur think twice before puckering up for a blush on during Navratri. Truly sachchi bhakti this!