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Here Comes the Sun-Natural Skin Care Means Natural Sunscreens

The general solution to this type of conundrum is always natural skin care, and, fortunately, there are now natural sunscreens available to include in your arsenal.

The relationship between sun and cancer, and sun and good health, can be confusing. On one hand, to name just a few of the benefits, sun exposure is necessary for the production of Vitamin D, a potent cancer fighter, and for the regulation of the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands - the malfunction of any of which can cause serious ailments. On the other hand, sunscreens block the production of melanin, the skin's own protection against harmful rays, and, according to some research, commonly contain as many as five different chemicals known to stimulate tumor growth and the spread of cancer cells.

So, what do we do? Of course, we don our toxic sunscreens without a second thought and give up the sun's benefits to avoid the potential harm - cancer.

Fortunately, a few sunscreen products are now available that give us the benefit of protection without causing harm. Look for products that contain natural UVA and UVB sun-deflecting and sun-reflecting minerals such as Titanium Dioxide and Padimate O (PABA Ester). Some of these give you protection at an SPF level of 25.

However, even these block the production of Vitamin D on the skin, so it is wise to take a supplement if you're using them extensively.

If, like many of us, you have already had many sunburns and you do develop skin cancer, you should know, first of all, that skin cancer is probably the least dangerous and most treatable of all. If you suspect you may have it, dermatologists can usually take care of it for you right in their office. And, in the future, use a good natural sunscreen.