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Mother's day: Treat her Right with Luxurious Treasures From Trinity Cosmetics


Mother's Day is just around the bend. Finding the perfect gift, one that shows your Mom how much she is loved and valued each and every day of the year, can sometimes be tricky. But with a heavenly treat from Trinity Cosmetics, you've got it made here on earth and, of course, your Mother will love you for it.

Moms are notoriously forgetful when it comes to treating themselves. Trinity makes it easy for you to inspire your Mom to indulge herself ... every product in Trinity's luxurious bath and body collection is like a warm tropical breeze on a divine summer's day.

If you think your Mom would enjoy something refreshing and invigorating, something from Trinity's Salt of the Earth bath collection is sure to put that sprightly pep back into her step. Or if she really needs to relax and unwind, something sumptuously soothing from Trinity's Milk and Honey line will put a smile that's heaven sent on her face. For total rejuvenation, Revival Treatments will work their wonderful marvel from the top of Momıs head, to the tips of her toes.

The Complete Trinity Cosmetics Collection includes...

**Revival Treatment Formulas**

-Blessed Balm Lip Revival Treatment: Breathe life into dry, cracked lips with this healing balm that instantly nourishes and softens. Within seconds, lips are shiny, silky, and appear fuller.

-Palm Sundae Hand Revival Treatment: Soothe and soften seriously parched hands with this unique, non-greasy formula that instantly moisturizes thirsty skin, leaving even the roughest areas hydrated and velvety smooth.

-Sole Savor Foot Revival Treatment: Hydrating essentials nourish and relieve tired, achy feet, while prepping them for sandal season.

**The Milk and Honey Line**

-Comforting Bubble Bath: Indulge in the silky, comforting lather that will gently cleanse, soothe, and nourish Mom's body, soul, and spirit.

-Comforting Body Cream: Hydrate, soothe, and feed Mom's body with the sweetness of the Promised Land, a luxurious all over body cream.

-Comforting Sugar Scrub: Smoothes skin with exfoliating sugars, while its hydrating essentials soften.

**The Salt of the Earth Collection**

-Seasoning Body Wash: Reap the invigorating and refreshing benefits of this lush, creamy body wash that doubles as a revitalizing bubble bath.

-Seasoning Body Cream: Treat parched skin with this rich body cream; it absorbs quickly, and Mom will enjoy the moisturizing effects for hours.

-Seasoning Salt Scrub: Sea salts - including Dead Sea salts, smooth and whisk away dry, dull skin. Hydrating essentials soften while revitalizing the senses.