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Mobiado and Bissol Perfume No. 919 New Cosmetics

Hold your breath, city girls. Your male colleagues are about to be shrouded under a bouquet of mandarin, juniper berry and elemi. You see, luxe mobile maker Mobiado and Bissol, the fine fragrance folks, have teamed up to create Perfume No. 919, the first fragrance designed for the "sophisticated luxury mobile phone user"...

The scent is specifically pour homme, so whether that implies that women do not fall within this category or simply that our stylish smelly is still in the pipeline remains to be seen.

Anyhow, the limited edition fashion fume comes in a glossy black aluminium container that has been crafted so as to not look like a perfume bottle at all. (Apparently, blatant bottles are so last season.) Bound to sell by the crate on Sloane Street, the vessel is engraved with the Mobiado logo and, of course, a serial number to confirm its individuality.

The scent itself has been described as "a clean, fresh, youthful scent with top notes of mandarin, juniper berry, elemi; middle notes of white musk, bamboo, oakmoss; and base notes of vanilla, cedarwood, sandalwood". We have no idea what that translates into in layman's terms - for all we know it could be a recipe for disaster - but we'll let you know once we catch a whiff of the next mobile phone-bearing, suit-wearing bloke we come across.