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Merck puts the color into color cosmetics for 2007

The company's study, which fall in line with expectations in the chief markets it covers - including the US, China, Brazil and Japan - have been developed in collaboration with Peclers Paris, a global trends agency.

From its combined work, the companies came up with four key areas, which are believed to provide the basis of trends for the Spring and Summer of 2007.

Those four key concepts have been named Material, Soleman, Private and Singular, and Merck claims they provide the basis for themes depicting the concept, inspiration and atmosphere relevant to the defined colors in the complete spectrum of future color cosmetic products.

The first of those concepts, Material, focuses on dense textures and bold colors reflecting what Merck terms 'a fancy and fun feel'. Around this theme the company has developed products for the lips and nails exhibiting thick textures and pure pigments contributing to a deep and rich finish.

The Soleman concept has led to make-up displays with what the company terms 'velvety, satiny or silky textures with golds, grey metallic shades and pearly shimmering effects'. Likewise it says that glosses highlight matte and shiny contrasts whilst nail lacquer feature a metallic sheen.

Beauty products have a 'fresh' feel with tender colours and light textures, according the company's Private concept. The company says that this means pastel eyeshadows are enhanced by white crystal glittering effects, while there is also a clear focus on transparent and light textures on nails.

Finally the Singular concept has led to bold colors which use intense pigments applied to eyes, lips or hair for a powerful vibrant effect that is now becoming increasingly fashionable for a range of eye shadow and other high-color products.

Merck says it has created a range of demonstration products encapsulating the above themes for the face, eye, lips, nail hair and body in a range of colors that touch on warm oranges, golden beiges, opalescent pastels and strong greens.