Men's Dermaliquid Hair Care Protein Treatment

Men's Dermaliquid Hair Care Protein Treatment

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Hair Protein Hair Care Treatment is used for any Hair Style. This Hair Product is all natural for Hair Restoration. Whether you have a Black Hair Style or any Hair Color. This all natural Hair Care Product is perfect your for Hair Restoration. Great for Man Hair Style and Wedding Hair Style, too.
For over 20 years I have been exposed to different products that theoretically profess to restore seriously damaged hair. This is the only product I have ever found that restores and has lasting effects. It is not only excellent for seriously damaged hair, but improves all hair problems. Normal conditioners lay on top, but this product actually goes into the strand of the hair and attaches itself to the damaged part and rebuilds that strand of hair. The product is made out of 100% protein, like your hair and I personally would recommend it 100% to my clients.


There is a process to this conditioning system and without following it perfectly you will not get the needed results.
Items needed:
Heat cap, plastic cap, product, fresh water and a towel.

Put the product on clean dry hair.
Make sure your hair is completely saturated.
Put plastic cap on.
Put heating cap on.
Leave on for 20 minutes.
Take cap off and deeply rinse your hair.
Towel dry and get all the excess moisture out.
Repeat steps 1-7, twice for seriously damaged hair.
On the last procedure, apply moisturizing conditioner with the product.

Safe Product Use:

Never leave this product on overnight. Only use the product with the instructions or you might risk further damage to your hair. Repeat this system twice in a week, once every two weeks and up to your discretion after you see the results. The mixture formula is 1 ounce of product and 2 ounces of clean fresh water. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT UNDILUTED. This product is 100% natural with no preservatives and 100% protein which is why it smells the way that it does and must only be mixed with pure water to achieve maximum results!

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