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MenScience - Advanced Shave Kit, Father's Day Gift

MenScience is a relatively new brand which provides a full line of grooming and skincare products developed for men. They use dermatological-grade ingredients and have been featured in just about every major men's magazine.

This revolutionary shaving protocol delivers shaving results that are second to none-the closest shave without razor burn; and a relaxed, smooth, and calm face afterwards. Perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin.


 Advanced Shave Formula provides the closest shave possible with no irritation, through its revolutionary foamless formulation.
 Post-Shave Repair is a light, liquid toner that instantly eliminates razor burn and redness. Your face is soothed, softened, and de-stressed.
 Personal Travel Bag features a practical and stylish design-in black microweave fabric-that is water resistant to contain spills.