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Maybelline Great Lash mascara, Still

Since 1971, more than 250 million units have been sold. Part of its success could be that it was the first to market the wand-in-formula technology. Before that, mascara was in cake form.

   Global consulting makeup artist for Maybelline New York Troy Surratt offers these mascara tips:

   * ''I will sometime bend the applicator at a right angle. This will help with application because it allows you to apply the product from below and see the lashes giving your hand a better vantage point. For a natural look, blot excess mascara before applying to curled lashes. For a bolder, more dramatic look, pump the wand three times before removing.''

   * ''The key to beautiful application is patience and allowing several light coats to dry in between each application. . . . I also like to use a lash separator comb or lash comb that has needles on it to eliminate any clumping and to fan them out beautifully across the entire lash line.''

   * ''Black is the most popular [color], but my favorite is Blackest Black and will work for almost everyone.''