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Makeup tips 2007

For the trendiest looks this spring and summer, focus on a soft approach to cosmetics.

Eyes: A fresh, naturally sheer look looks fresh now, with a highlighter in the tear duct of the eye. So-called Twiggy eyelashes - long, voluminous, thick lashes - are making a strong comeback. With shadows, the newest cosmetic combinations seem to be bold blues, greens or gold on the eyes. These days, the look is less studied, with a lighter tone on the brow blended into the lid colour.

Liner: A thin line of shadow is also now used instead of a liquid liner near the upper lash line.

Brows: As the frame of the face - and especially, the eye area - eyebrows look most modern in a gentle arch. This is said to be a great asset for anyone over 30 because it provides an automatic lift to the face. To begin, brush brows down and, if they require filling in, do so with eyeshadow rather than a pencil. Set unruly brows in place with eyebrow gel.

Lip glosses: Cosmetic companies are paying attention to brilliance and a pearled effect in addition to shine. A light, babydoll pink is wearable for everyone, say makeup artists, as is a neutral liner filled in with a shimmery gloss.

Bronzer: One way to fake a summer tan or accentuate an existing one is to use a powder or liquid bronzer on the face, or to rely on a self tanner. Almost every brand - whether at the low end or high end - is boasting a variety of products to re-create the glow one gets from the sun but without any of the skin-damage risks.