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Makeup, indeed, has a shelf life

The problem with cosmetics is that they pick up bacteria from our lips, faces and eyes, which we transfer to the cosmetic and then back to ourselves -- or others, if we're sharing. The bacteria can cause infections, rashes and irritations. The most dangerous thing is an eye infection, which might lead to blindness.

The shelf life on makeup is about one year. Mascara should be tossed after three months, experts say, and you should never add water or --worse yet -- spit to dried mascara to reactivate it. That apparently causes the bacteria to go wild.

Liquid foundation should be thrown away after six months; pressed and loose powders, blushes and eye shadow are good for a year as are lipsticks and lip gloss. But experts warn against leaving your cosmetics, even new ones, in hot cars, which can accelerate bacteria growth.

You should also avoid using cosmetics in areas they weren't approved for, meaning don't use lip gloss or lip liner on your eyes. You can transfer bacteria from your mouth to your eyes, or the products themselves may not be safe for contact with your eyes.