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Make Your Eyes Stand Out More: Bigger Eyes

Women with small eyes have their own unique challenges. They may find that eye-liner looks wrong when they put it on and that eye-shadow just makes their eyes look smaller.

Radika Seemungal, an airline industry employee shared her beauty dilemmas with us. She says:

"I have tried lining my eyes every way imaginable but it always seems wrong. I find that my total outlook does not reflect the vibrant image that my company likes to project. Every day my hair is often pulled back into a ponytail or bun. My hair is straight but has little volume or style. I need help to make my eyes stand out and to achieve a natural, inexpensive, low maintenance look."

We helped Radika bring her eyes out and achieve a more professional look for work.

Open Up Those Eyes!

Step 1: To open the eyes up use light to medium shades of eye-shadow. Avoid very dark eye-shadows which will only confine the eyes and make them appear even smaller.
Step 2: Brush your light to medium colour on lids and below brows to intensify the eyes and give them more depth.
Step 3: Create the illusion of a higher crease by sweeping a dark shadow like dark brown, gray, navy or purple above the natural crease of the eye.
Step 4: Apply a thin line of black or dark brown powder shadow just in between your upper lashes using a flat brush. It is very important to have a thin line on the upper eyelid. A thick line will only make eyesappear smaller.
Step 5: You can also define the outer corners of your eyes by extending the line a little upward at the end of the eye. This will add lift to the outer corners.

Goodbye Boring Ponytail: The Hair Make-Over

Sharon Loubon, our hairstylist observed that Radika's hairline was receding because she was brushing her hair back every day and pulling it too tightly in a ponytail. She gave her bangs to short circuit the receding of her hairline.

Radika complained she found it difficult to maintain any style since her hair was thin. Sharon cut Radika's hair in light layers to create volume and definition and to help the hair maintain its style.

Radika's hair was then treated with a volumising shampoo and conditioner. A hair mousse added further volume. The key with the mousse Sharon noted is to focus the application at the roots.

After blow-drying, an anti-frizz serum was used to minimize frizziness. Her hair was then hot-ironed into soft curls.

Radika is delighted with her new look and promises to maintain it and present a professional, polished look to the world.