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Lewisburg woman invents new line of makeup

A Lewisburg woman has patented press-on makeup that is being manufactured and eventually will be sold by Sephora-lvmh.

Cathy Meriaux, owner and developer of Meriaux Cosmetics, has been working on the press-on eye liners, eye brows, eye shadows and lipstick for nearly three years. The makeup gives the look of a professional makeup artist in seconds, she said.

She recently received a utility patent for her make-up, which covers her for life. She said the patent is needed in order to protect her rights as the sole inventor.

A make-up artist most of her life, she created her first press-on makeup prototypes in a hotel room during a training expedition. These were press-on lips created by a thin wearable film with colors attached to the film.

The press-on brows she created were inspired by chemotherapy patients she has worked with who have lost their hair. She made the brows with human hair of all colors.

She said her press-on eye shadow can be used to conceal wrinkles on an aged eye and without Botox or a laser.

"People now want the huge lips and the perfect eyes. The press-on eyes and lips are without spending thousands of dollars," she said of her inventions that adhere to the skin. They can be easily peeled off and will not harm the skin, she said. Only the hypo-allergenic makeup is visible once it is in place. She said the makeup will not peel off by itself.

"You can eat, drink and kiss with them. They have staying power," she said of her press-on lipsticks.

Her makeup is being produced by Ambix Consulting and manufacturing of Freedom, N.H. "It should roll off the line June 10," she said of the brows and eye liners. The eye shadows and lipsticks will take longer to produce.

She has designed the makeup in a variety of sizes because lips and eyes are different sizes. The press-on product is designed to be worn once or twice and then thrown away.

After creating the press-on makeup, she presented the concept to Carol Pasley, product developer of Sephora, which began in Europe and has many stores internationally including China. Their closest store to this area is King of Prussia, she said.

After that, she was invited to the Arizona Conference Center where she stayed with head corporate people from Sephora.

She said "one of my proudest moments" occurred when she was recognized by Sephora as "Innovator of the Year." David Suliteanu, the CEO and president of Sephora, presented her with the honor.

She expects to receive a huge lump sum up front to cover all aspects of her invention. After that, she will gain a substantial amount of royalties that will be paid quarterly, she said.

"My ultimate goal was to make sure my children Chayton Shively, 9, and Dawson Shively, 7, were set for life and maybe one day take over their mother's business," she said.

She used the last name of her French husband Stephane to name her business, which officially became Meriaux Cosmetics Corp. in May.

"My future endeavors are to donate funds to a foundation closest to my heart," she said of the Autism Awareness Foundation. Her younger son has been diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

Mrs. Meriaux, who is originally from the Lewisburg area, began working for Sephora in March 2004 in Massachusetts. She moved to Massachusetts in 2002. She returned to the Lewisburg area in 2005.

Currently, she is working on other press-on makeup to be used as a concealer under the eyes.