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L'Oreal Cleared of Discrimination Charges

French court Tribunal de Grande Instance has cleared L'Oreal's brand Garnier of accusations of racial discrimination in its hiring practices.

Garnier manager at the time of the alleged offenses, Laurent Dubois, has also been exonerated.

Garnier managers were allegedly seeking to exclude applicants of Arab, Asian or African background from a supermarket sales promotion of their new haircare products.

The brand, together with French recruitment agency Adecco were brought to court on May 18 over alleged racial discrimination practices in the recruitment policies for a promotional campaign for L'Oreal's Garnier brand.

Paris court dismissed the charges, citing a lack of evidence in the complaint by anti-racism group SOS Racisme.

L'Oreal, which was recently named one of the most profitable French brands, said it had been confident of winning, REUTERS (UK) reports.