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Kao Conducts Survey on Beverage Consumption and Lifestyle

Kao, a leading Japanese cosmetics and toiletries manufacturer, announced on May 30 the results of its latest survey on beverage consumption and lifestyle.

The company conducted a survey of 800 men and women, aged 20-59, who live in the Tokyo metropolitan area and work full-time. Of the respondents, 65% said that they consume a sufficient amount of beverage. In particular, the average intake is 1,486 ml per day. However, beverages such as coffee, soft drinks and alcohol account for more then 50% of the average intake.

Of the respondents, 68% think that they are obese. As for anti-obesity measures, the respondents carefully consider their diet (76%) and do more exercise (65%). However, less than 50% of the respondents pay attention to drinks.

In addition, those who are obese (a BMI value of 25 or greater) frequently have canned coffee (46%), alcohol (40%) and carbonated beverages (30%). Although many of the respondents realize that exercise is good to lose weight, 66% of them answered that they have not done any exercise for the past three months.

Regarding beverage consumption during an exercise, 40% of the respondents drink something before the exercise, 49% during and 44% after the exercise.