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Jo Wood Organics

That's why she's created her very own range which launched exclusively at Beyond Beauty at Harvey Nichols. Jo Wood Organics is not only organic, it's also both glamorous and utterly luxurious. Jo has worked with Europe's most passionate and knowledgeable organic beauty experts to create formulations based on rare and precious active plant extracts with fantastic healing properties. The result is a body-care range to soothe and nourish your skin while restoring its natural radiance.
From bath oils to body lotions, the collection is based around two fragrances of depth and sophistication: bright, fresh Amka and sensual, woody Usiku, both delicately structured from the world's finest essential oils. Life on the road with the Stones has taken Jo to the world's most exotic corners, and these two fragrances are inspired by Kenya, one of her favourite places. Amka is Swahili for 'awaken' and Usiku for 'night'.
'Africa arouses the senses. I love the wild flowers and tropical seas, and the scent of the savannah at dusk, these are the things that inspire me.'
The range comes in an eclectic collection of differently shaped bottles,
inspired by the antique perfume bottles Jo has picked up at Parisian flea markets. Brimming with Art Nouveau glamour, it's just the kind of thing you'd imagine on the dressing table of a lady's boudoir. They perfectly compliment the precious contents. 

As Jo says, 'If we work with nature, rather than abusing it, we all reap the benefits'.