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Jane Fonda: Say No To Plastic Surgery

The 68-year-old star, who was last seen on the big screen opposite Jennifer Lopez in 'Monster In Law', says she believes everyone in Hollywood is starting to look alike.
Fonda recently posed for a magazine cover without any make-up.

She told Michael Parkinson in an interview for his British ITV talk show, "I'm going to try to organize other women in my profession and my friends to say No to the duck lips and getting rid of the wrinkles."

She added, "I've just traveled through Sweden and Finland, looking at faces that were real, that had their life experiences on them, as opposed to in Hollywood [where] everybody is starting to look alike. I said no, I'm not going to do it, somebody's got to give a face to getting old."

Fonda, a two-time Oscar winner, had breast implants while married to her first husband Roger Vadim. She removed them 16 years ago, saying they made her feel "unwomanly".