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Exciting Brands that Gifted Celebrities at the Secret Room Red Carpet Style Lounge
March 2014
More exciting brands and products from Secret Room’s Red Carpet Style Oscar gift lounge that were gifted to celebrities and VIPs continued from here…
Lip Ink International smear proof cosmetic color – what every woman wants! LIPINK this great smear-proof lipstick is herbal, vegan and kosher lipstick.
March 7, 2014
Secret Room totally out-did themselves again! This was hands-down the best gifting suite I’ve ever been to! Rachel, who’s been writing about suites with me for about six months now, deemed it the same. They were totally correct in naming it “The Ultimate in Luxury Red Carpet Style Lounge.” Ultimate indeed!

Lip Ink—We were both happy to learn about this smear-proof lip stain, being romantic girls with hot guys to make-out with. (Calm down—the guys are just our own mates.)
Rachel was wowed by the many “great colors,” and gasped, “It really doesn’t smear!”
Semi-permanent Lip-ink maker does ‘lip service’ on your mouth
March 2, 2104
The representative asked me to pick a color. I went for a very bright pink. Uncertain about the 3-Step Process, I carefully read directions and learned that for full effect you must towel off your lips, apply moisturizer and then the lipstick followed by more moisturizer. It looks great and is supposed to last until you use the Lip-Ink Towelette to remove it.
Lip-Ink South Sea’s Fragrance Review
By: Tabitha Willette
I got the chance to try out the lip ink South Sea’s Fragrance and OMG it smells beautiful.

When I first opened the box I was excited to see it was a roll on. These are perfect to keep in my purse and take along with me. Then I opened and could immediately smell the wonderful fragrance. It has a wonderful mix of Plumeria, the smell of paradise, fused with floral gardenias, and white ginger. This will instantly take you to the islands of Hawaii in your mind. You can get your own roll on for just $20.00 I cannot tell you how great of a price that is for a great fragrance.

Turning Fashion Inside Out: express the best of you℠
November 11, 2013, by Melissa Kaplan Guarino
California wisdom meets invention, chemistry and cosmetics.

MKG: Did you have a background in cosmetics? Were you always an inventor?
ROSE: My background is not in cosmetics. But I always knew I was an inventor. We are all given gifts. When you discover yours is not as important as how you use them. My gift is finding patterns: Patterns in numbers, images, words, anything visual. I can find the patterns without thinking. They pop out like polka dots. Many years ago I had a financial services company with 8,000 clients. I was able to review each of the tax returns in a very short period of time, to find the errors for the accountants.

All That Zazz: No More Lipstick on His Collar with Lip-Ink!
September 8, 2013
I was planning to write a column on my favorite Beauty products however when I first applied Lip-Ink I realized it was a subject of its own! Well lipstick Glamazons, they have finally done it, and, with multiple patents, this grand collection of make-up will be around forever.

Since it is guaranteed "smear proof" I put it to the real test. I went to bed without removing it! Woke up to see it still on my lips and not the pillow!

May 31, 2013
By now, you've already seen our gorgeous cover shoot with Dita Von Teese, and then learned how to get her look by her trusted hair and makeup team John Blaine and Gregory Arlt.

How do you get your lipstick to stay on throughout an entire performance?

If you want super shiny glossy truly indelible lipcolor, there's no better option than LipInk. It's my go-to date-night lip color, astonishing staying power that no other supposedly transfer-proof lipcolor can contend with.

Say hello to Lip Ink International!
Nov. 20, 2012
Ready for more great news? These guys are very environmentally conscious and are actively running a recycling program - they'll send you a free vial of Lip-Ink for every four vials you return to them, how that for green incentive? Plus if you're living in the US and have a 'long lasting' lip colour in your make up bag - send it in to Lip Ink's upgrade program and they'll replace it with a Guaranteed Smear-proof Lip Color for FREE!

Longer-lasting lip colour

For years, we've all been dreaming of the perfect lipcolour, one that will last and last without having to be re-applied every twenty minutes.

For long-lasting effects this lipstick alternative is hard to beat. The sheer ink really does soak into the lips and stay put there all day - in fact the chief concern our guinea pig had was how she was going to remove it! (Fortunately, there's a Lip Ink Off formula that will make light work of that for you). Once we'd allowed the ink to dry, we applied a coat of Lip Shine which gave the lips a lovely sheen and stopped them from feeling dry.

Longer-lasting lip colour
For years, we've all been dreaming of the perfect lipcolour, one that will last and last without having to be re-applied every twenty minutes.

At last, it would seem that the beauty world has answered our prayers.
For long-lasting effects this lipstick alternative is hard to beat. The sheer ink really does soak into the lips and stay put there all day - in fact the chief concern our guinea pig had was how she was going to remove it! (Fortunately, there's a Lip Ink Off formula that will make light work of that for you).

"LIP INK" Storyboards

Healthy Botanical Liquid Lip Color You Can Wear 24/7! Guaranteed Smear Proof!
July 28, 2012
You must give Lip Ink a Try! I put it on for a family wedding, got tons of compliments, and it never came off. It started to fade a bit, but I added a little more shine moisturizer and it last all night. I must admit, the tingle is a bit strange, but also a nice feeling.

I Got my mom loving it. She tried the Rosewood. Her exact words, "Why would you ever want to take it off, the color is perfect."

Lip-Ink Guaranteed Smearproof Kit Lipstick
July 27th, 2012
Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel. My quest for a lipstick that works with my sensitive lips is over!! (Probably. For now.) It all started when Dita Von Teese answered a question about long-lasting lipstick on her Twitter. She recommended Lip-Ink.

Anyone ever seen Dita without lipstick?
I thought so. Clearly she knows lipsticks, so I had to give Lip-Ink a try.


All Things Beautiful Review- Lip Ink
June 29 2012

The good...
This product lasts for ages, which is really great, as that's the point of the product! It really stains the lips meaning you can eat and drink without it wearing away for literally the whole day!

Best lip stain - Henna lip ink from lip ink international review
I have wanted to try this stuff for a while now and when I saw they have a shade of red that is more true pinup red than usual lip stains (which tend to be orangy or pinky) I bought it right away. Plus they say "smudge free or your money back" Well how can a girl refuse?

Lip ink henna lip stain is organic, vegan, kosher and paraben free.The claim is that it will never smudge.



July 5, 2012
Lip Ink is a waxfree, semi-permanent cosmetic line. They sell products for lips, brows and eyes. I am doing a review on their semi-permanent lip color in Sand Wood (this is only one of their 45 brilliant lip colors).

Use Again?: Totally! I can't wait to try more of their products!

June 2, 2012
Lip-Ink International is a company that has a revolutionary product - Rather than just applying a rub off color onto your lips, you are actually putting on a semi-permanent ink (Don't worry it comes off with the off towelette) so when you take a drink or kiss someone, your color isn't coming off. It's great because you can apply your lip cosmetics without having to worry about it anymore for the rest of the night.

It is the only longwear product I've found that genuinely stays on until you wash it off.
May 15th, 2012
LIP-INK Liquid Lipstick is a vegan, non-animal tested long-wearing lip stain. It is the only longwear product I've found that genuinely stays on until you wash it off. Yes, it's that good. The formula is drying, so you definitely need to top it off with a balm (Lip Ink sells one, but I prefer my standby Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.) There's a strong mint scent that isn't, however, a flavor and dissipates rapidly. Despite having to slick balm on top, this product is so long-wearing it's worth the extra step. I've even taken to wearing it under another full-finish lipstick as insurance.

Lip Ink Review
April 30, 2012

I received the trial kit lip color from Lip Ink to review. I got this fast and couldn't wait to give this a shot. I mean who hates wearing lipstick and it coming off on glasses, on your man or even smearing by accident I know I do. Well I thought this was a great invention upfront if it actually worked no more reapplying 50 times a day and all.

Review/Swatch Lip Ink
March 23, 2012
If you trade in one of your previous long lasting lip colors they will recycle it at their local toxic waste site, and you'll get this trial kit for free! For more information on that visit

You can also get a free kit on your birthday if you call and register!

If you purchase the trial kit the Lip Ink is available in almost 60 shades, but if you choose to trade in your old lipstick you can choose between two shades, Sandwood (beige muted light brown) or Rosewood (brown-blue sheer pink.)

February 11, 2012
I've been using Lip Inks for about three months now, and they have become my lipstick of choice. I love the fact that I can apply at 7.30am and arrive home at 6pm with my lips still looking exactly the same. During the day I apply the Shine gloss maybe 5 times, without a mirror.

My top 10 beauty products, Pt. 1
January 8, 2012
This one is my favourite beauty product of all, by miles and miles.

I discovered Lip Ink through the recommendation by Miss Amanda Lee and it was love at first sight. Now, a year later, that love has only deepened. Now, I'm a girl who likes to wear red lips on a daily basis... But I also have a fairly busy life and I'm not generally a very high maintenance person. And, lets face it, no matter how good a lipstick, it is always a lot of work when you're a person who goes out a lot. Sick and tired of having to touch up my lipstick after every meal, I turned to Lip Ink - and never looked back. It lasts meals, drinks, making out, partying all day and night.

On to my opinion! YAY!
November 11, 2011
This product is WAY different than any Semi-Permanent product I have ever tried and I like that a lot. First its natural and eco friendly. Second it actually LASTS!! The colors are very nice. I like even the sparkle ones. Some people are a little lazy when there hear that there are steps to put this product on, but in all honesty it only takes the same amount of time to do this as your normal lip liner and lip stick. Added bonus, It TINGLES.. ooo :). Only when you put it on, just a sign of the natural herbs and botanicals working.
It actually lasts all day long. Even longer than those 12hour lip colors.

Momma Told Me: A lady never shares her secrets.
November 1, 2011
The top of the miniature pamphlet read; "Wax Free- Semi Permanent Cosmetics". 'Like tattoos and dyes?' I thought to myself, raising a hesitant, yet intrigued brow. I opened my mouth to question, as the bus lurched forward at it's stop, and she quickly referred me to the literature, "Trust me, this stuff's amazing! And vegan too!" she exclaimed before turning her back to disappear down the aisle.

Scarlett Johansson's Japanese Beauty Obsession
October 19, 2011
Scarlett Johansson told us all about her favorite beauty shopping destination: Japan!

Can't get to Tokyo anytime soon? Us either. So we did a little investigating and turns out, such a product is available stateside. It's called Lip Ink Miracle Brow Liner, and comes with a mascara-type wand to distribute the color and even out your brow. Or, give any not-too-shimmery eyeliner a try, and let us know how it turns out!

Don't let it come as too much of a surprise when I tell you sometimes I like to get a little dolled-up. Hair, makeup, the whole she-bang!
October 16, 2011
One thing that I've never been able to get into the groove of is lipstick. All I can ever picture is me, attempting to drink oh-so femininely, and there goes my all of my lipstick, rubbing all over my lips and my glass like a sticky mess. It does not seem to paint the picture of elegancy to me!

LIP-INK International Invites Women to Upgrade Their Outdated Long-lasting Lipsticks to the World's Only Guaranteed Smearproof Lipstick & Natural Liquid Lip Color
July 25, 2011
Using cutting edge technology and natural, organic ingredients, LIP-INK has revolutionized the lip color industry with the launch of their semi-permanent LIP-INK Liquid Lip Color and color cosmetics line. Makeup professionals, Hollywood and the fashion elite have long depended on LIP-INK semi permanent lip color that lasts all day and night without smearing or smudging.

Product Review: Ilia Lip Conditioner (Plus: High School Lipstick Highs and Lows)
May 31, 2011

Other lipsticks I love are W3LL People's peony-pink and true-red lip and cheek sticks, RMS's lip-2-cheek in any color it comes in, Lip Ink in Rose for a long-lasting nontoxic stain (again, the color on the site doesn't = the color on my lips, just FYI), and Vapour Beauty's Torch (technically a blush, but that's the great thing about naturals they multitask).

Ruby Red Lips Review
January 3, 2011
I've been a loyal user of Lip Ink for three years, and it is pretty much the only lipstick I wear anymore.

I almost always reach for my Lip Ink! I love not worrying about my lipstick smearing, bleeding, or transferring to my coffee cup (and of course my Sweetie appreciates the fact that he can kiss me and not end up wearing lipstick too!)

Armani Holiday 2010, part 2
November 24, 2010
As for the previously missing Lip Ink, #4 is a bit lighter, less intense, and more sheer than #3 (but the colors are similar). The difference between lighter, sheerer #4 and more saturated #3 would be more visible in a thin single swipe, but it wouldn't photograph as well. Think of these as layered swatches.

In one coat, the purple #1 would also be more natural (and it's a great thing to wear under lipstick).

Few stores specialize in facial cosmetics in particular, and Lip-Ink is one of them. While the store's main product topic are (as the name implies) lipsticks and other lip-related cosmetics, you can find a respectable selection of eye products, such as eye liners, as well as hair treatment cosmetics. All in all, if you're looking to improve the visuals of your face, that's a store that can serve you right.

Lip Ink Review

September 16, 2010

For more than 15 years, Lip Ink has been an industry leader in cutting edge products for beauty and confidence. Priding themselves in creating natural products that are organic, vegan, and Kosher, it's clear to see their commitment to giving you the experience you need to look great and live well.

Lip-Ink International Sandwood Liquid Lip Color Vial

September 1, 2010

This Was The Most Awkward Lip Tingling Experience Ever. The Lip Ink Liquid Color Has A Good Color Pay Off But The Actually Process Of Applying The Lip Color To Dry Is Not Fun. The Lip Color Actually Dries My Lips And Make Them Feel Like They Are About To Break Into A Million Pieces. My Lips Were Literally Stiff. I Applied Five Coats To Produce A Deep Color That Represents Fall. The Tingle Sensation Was Pleasing But The Dryness Killed Me. The Shine Moisturizer Does Bring The Sunny Side Of The Color Out, It Makes It Pop. The Shine Moisturize Also Brought Back The Softness In My Lips, It Smoothed The Stiffness Out. It Lefted My Lips Stained, I Even Used The Off Solution To Get The Color Off, But Some Color Still Remained. Overall, I Think Everyone Should Try The Lip Ink Liquid Color To Experience The Tingle! In The Future I Can See Myself Experimenting With More Lip Ink Products.

Make your lipstick stay put with Lip Ink
August 28, 2010

I love love love wearing lipstick but for some reason, my lips don't seem to hold on to the color for very long, even if it's a so-called long lasting lipstick. So, when I read about Lip Ink a lip color that guarantees to be smear proof, even underwater! I was definitely interested!

Guaranteeing smear proof lip color is quite a claim, and after testing out Lip Ink, I'm happy to say it's true. There are a few additional steps to putting it on that you don't have to follow when using your average lipstick, but it sure did last me an entire work day without color touchups, which is unheard of!

Product Review: Lipsticks We Love

July 29, 2010

I used to hate makeup. From time to time Id clumsily fiddle with shadows (ehn, being honest I still do), and lipstick was a zero-times-a-year thing. Aside from mascara and some powder or foundation for my sometimes-troubled skin, I stayed away from the stuff. Alexandra, meanwhile, was a pro whipping together a perfect, colorful, sexy face in a flash.

Outfit of the Day Wearing Lip Ink Red lipstick
Nov 30, 2009
Betsey Johnson bow sweater--from a friend
Black gabardine trousers made from a 1940s pattern--V Vintage
Black velvet peeptoe pumps--Naturalizer Shoes
1950s copper fan earrings--from a friend
Lip Ink Red lipstick

Review: Lip Ink Eye Restore Magic Powder Cream
March 24, 2008
This is one fun product. You sprinkle a little of the powder into your palm and rub your finger over it, and voila! It turns into a cream that you can use under eyes to smooth fine lines and brighten the area. But it's also for the fine lines around lips! And, it really does smooth out the little lines in this area. I've been using it there every day.


Beauty product reviews, free samples and sweepstakes.
It's all about things that are Beauti-file!

Our Lips Are Sealed - The Bite:
February 20, 2009
Just kidding, we'll spill the beans right off: Lip-Ink's trusty new eco tool kit is ready to give you some lip lovin'. Three parts: an Off Solution that cleans and helps exfoliate; a Lip Shine Moisturizer that hydrates (put it on before and after the color); and a tingly lip stain that lasts (choose from 56 hues).

February 11, 2009
For the skin, cutaneous-conscious connoisseurs could get organic and natural products from Lip-Ink International

9 Celebrity Trends Revealed - Lip Ink's semi-permanent lipstick

The lip-smacking shades are wax-free, organic and eco-friendly and they look wonderful! With all those Hollywood air-kisses, we're not sure why the beautiful people need Lip Ink but we KNOW brides will find this an essential tool in their wedding day makeup arsenal.

[ VIEW LINK ] Beauty
January 30, 2009

LIP-INK The Worlds Only Wax-Free Patented Semi-Permanent Sustainable lifestyle conscious color Cosmetics

Lip-Ink Liquid Eyeliner Giveaway!
January 14, 2009
Lip-Ink liquid eyeliners are smear proof (guaranteed!), and are formulated for the sensitive area around your eyes. Use them to lighten, enhance, or frame your eyes. Lip-Ink suggests a special trick: use a darker color above the eye and a lighter color below. This will lift the eyes, because a person looking at you will be drawn to the darker color. Lip-Ink liquid eyeliners are available in black, brown, smoke, hazel, white, blue, and violet, so have fun with it!

Organic Consumers Listing
Lip-Ink - 1 Million Smear Proof Lip Colors

The Fashion & Beauty Boutique: MSN Life & Style Blog
Ditch your lipstick and try this instead
Everything fabulously gorgeous and beautifully pampering Profile

September 11, 2008
Occupation: Life and Style Editor
Location: Central London, UK
Interests: All things fashionable and beauteous.
Life and Style Editor Nic
View profile details

MSN Life and Style [ VIEW LINK ]
Lip Ink - I've given it the kiss test (a lot!) and it really works. Amazing!

I wore my Lip Ink Lips to an industry event 2 nights ago, and ran into an old friend of yours, Catherine Van Breene. She complimented me on my lipstick, and I gushed about Lip Ink. She had nice things to say both about you and the product, which yes, she does use on shoots.

Jolene Rae Harrington, Director of Creative Content
Here Comes The Guide
Here Comes The Guide's blog!
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Q & A
Eye Restore Magic Powder Cream
Free Lip Ink for Your Lipstick
Lip Diva Book
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