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Info Plant Surveys Cosmetics Purchases via Mail-Order

Online Market researcher Info Plant has annoucned the results of a survey on cosmetics purchases via mail-order.

The company surveyed 4,291 female i-mode users from March 28 to April 4. Of the respondents, 66.6% have bought cosmetics via mail-order. When asked how often they purchase, 35.9% answered once in two to three months, followed by once a year (21.7%), once a month (18.6%) and once in six months (18.3%).

When asked how they mail-order, nearly the majority (48.6%) use mobile websites, followed by PC websites, postal mail (27.3%) and phones (26%).

Regarding the purchase amount, 35.3% make a purchase of 3,000 - 4,999 yen ($25.60-42.40) per purchase, followed by 5,000 - 6,999 yen ($42.40-59.30) (19.1%), 1,000 - 2,999 yen ($8.50-25.60) (18.6%) and 7,000 - 9,999 yen ($42.40-85.50) (14.5%).

When asked the reasons why they buy cosmetics via mail-order (multiple answerers allowed), 58.3% answered that they do not have to go to a shop, 52.6% mentioned discounts, and 48.8% said that they can make a purchase anytime they want to.