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How your diet affects your skin

Thus, a diet that promotes good general health can have a positive influence on your skin's appearance. Vitamins C, E, and A, along with iron, are particularly important in maintaining healthy skin.

Severe deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals can lead to skin disorders. Minor deficiencies may compromise your skin's ability to heal. Likewise, a diet void of fat can eventually show up as dry skin, though this is relatively rare in America. Drinking plenty of water is said to help the skin by keeping it hydrated.

Some studies have found that the nutrient iodine can increase the tendency to break out, because it boosts the production of oil in the sebaceous (suh-BAY-shuhs) glands. You can reduce iodine intake by using table salt that's non-iodized and limiting the amount of beef and shellfish you eat. However, realize that your body does need some iodine to prevent serious health problems. Other skin tips include avoiding crash diets and excess alcohol, which can break down collagen or lead to broken blood vessels in the face, respectively.