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How to Success in Your Petite Modeling Career

Wondering what the biggest secret to your success is in your Petite Modeling Career? If you're a petite or average sized model, or wanting to become one then this article is for you.

The #1 key to success in the modeling industry, whether you're 5' 9" or 5' 2" is to get your face in front of thousands of clients with a real modeling job. In a word; Tearsheets.

Tearsheets are the pages you have torn out of magazines that feature you as the model or one of the models within the photos. As a petite or average size model the type of tear sheets you would find work for range from advertisements for everything and anything you can imagine to articles about hair, skin and nail care, beauty and self improvement tips, exercise, fitness and diet articles.

Tearsheets are your ticket to launching yourself into the spot light as a professional and workable model. They say to potential clients; "I can get the job done". Having at least one tearsheet in your portfolio shows the client you have work experience and have done the job of a professional model.

So how do you get these coveted model shoots that will feature you? The most obvious way is with an agency, but unfortunately most modeling agencies do not sign models that are under 5' 9" So going this route takes patience and persistance. The second way is to work with modeling magazines directly. Most modeling magazines can't be found on the shelves of your local grocery store for two reasons.

First, because they are not of general interest to the average consumer and do not sell enough from a magazine stand to justify distributing them in this way. Second, because most of the magazines are geared toward the side of the modeling industry that are looking for models.

Most of the readers of the magazines are reading it to find models they need to represent their products or for photo shoots for their own magazines. This is why appearing in one of these magazines is so beneficial to modeling hopefuls.

Getting the magazine to feature you as model is as simple as sending in your photos and waiting for them to call you. Of course there aren't very many of them around and they are extermely hard to find unless you are already on the inside of the industry.

Further, many of these magazines only accept photos from modeling agencies making it much harder to get you photos out there. But it's not impossible, and if you're thinking of boosting your career this is definately something you should look in to.