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How To How to Get Mandy Moore's Look

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 20-40 minutes

Here's How:

-Start with damp hair. Spritz volumnizer on roots & at crown. Blow hair until it's almost completely dry.

-Separate hair in 3 sections -- 2 on the side & one in back. Roll hair in large Velcro rollers starting with the back section, rolling from top to bottom. Once finished with all sections, let dry completely (you can cheat with a blowdryer set on low).

-While hair is drying, take a long look in the mirror to determine how much make up you really need. There is nothing worse than an overly made-up woman, so you don't want to go overboard. But you still want to even out skin tone & cover any blemishes.

-Apply light moisturizer on face & neck. Use concealer to cover any blemishes & under-eye circles. Skip the foundation for this look & go for the bronzer instead, sweeping color across forehead, cheeks & nose (where the sun naturally shines).

-Mandy's skin is glowing in this picture. To ensure your skin glows as much, you'll need blush. You'll want a color that is the natural color of your cheeks when flushed. Brush onto the apples of your cheeks.

- To get Mandy's dark, smokey eyes, start with a dark eyeshadow. Unless you're a brunette, you don't want to go black. Stick with a dark brown color. Smooth color thickly along upper lashes & lower lashes & blend with your finger or a Q-tip. The idea is to make eyes look 'smudge-y.'

-Sweep a medium color along lids to the crease & follow with a white or beige color for above the crease. The idea is to have the colors blend into each other.

-Curl lashes & apply several coats of black mascara.

-Now onto the lips. You want to go pink here (to perfect that summertime look). Top lipstick with a clear gloss.

- Take out curlers, separate sections with fingers & spritz.