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How To Get Teri Hatcher's Red Carpet Look

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

1. Start with your hair. To get Hatcher's gorgeous curls, start with damp hair. Spritz crown & roots with thickening spray, then blow-dry hair thoroughly.

2. Separate hair into 4 sections (you can tie off with rubber bands). Spritz hair with styling spray & wrap 2-inch sections around a medium-barreled curling iron. Hold each section for 5 sections before releasing. Curl bottom of hair before moving on to the next section. Curl an entire section before moving on to the next. Finish with hairspray.
For more information on sexy waves, try this more in-depth how-to.

3. Te get Hatcher's healthy tan, skip the tanning booth & opt for a self-tanner. (We like Clarins). Or skip this step & opt for bronzing powder as part of step 4.

4. Prep face with a light moisturizerthen dot concealer around eyes & on sides of nose. Follow with a light foundation& a dusting of light powder. If you skipped the self-tanner, dust cheeks, forehead & nose -- the natural spots the sun would hit -- with bronzing powder.

5. Now onto lips & mouth. Hatcher's stylist focused here on her eyes & left lips natural. The secret to eye shadow is to have a light, medium & dark shade. Sweep the light shadow across the entire eye. You'll want to choose a shade that blends in with your skin tone (bone, white, toast or any other natural shade will work better than pink or another shadow with red tones).

6. The medium shade is your lid color. Sweep on lip up to the crease. Some tips on color Bobbi Brown shares in her 'Beauty Evolution' book: Blondes should opt for ashy taupe, gray or heather, green eyes should stick with yellowy taupe, camel or heather & brown eyes can have rich taupe, sable & mocha.

7. The deeper shade is your contour. Beware colors that are too dark. Stick instead with a brown or mocha. Avoid black. You want to shade color along the crease starting at the upper outside corner of eye, sweeping the shadow in & down toward the crease. Using a smaller brush, wet brush & dab in shadow, then line the upper eye. Dark shadows make great eyeliners.

8. Finish with a few coats of dark mascara.

9.  For lips, line with a light pink shade.