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Health needs to be at the forefront of every beauty routine

Not only for the obvious reason of physical health, but because it is an essential beauty building block.

Taking the time to understand the essential health principles in every step of your beauty regime will bring a lot of clarity to your decision making and product choices, simplicity to your routine, and satisfaction with the results.

The benefits of incorporating some simple but positive lifestyle habits, such as regular exercise, drinking enough water and nutritious eating, benefit your physical health and appearance, but they go far beyond this. These habits are also essential to your body's effective functioning and long term health.

Healthy habits bring physical well being, beauty benefits and a mental sense of well being.

There is a physical and mental- emotional chemical connection, that enhances your feeling of well being and is reflected in your attitude. Believe me, your attitude about yourself and life plays a much larger role in how you appear, than good makeup.

When you know you are doing a good job at caring for yourself, in an intelligent, healthy and effective manner, there is a lot of pleasure and