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Have Fun in the Sun with Dermalogica's Solar Defense

Don't rule out your favourite outdoor activity this summer because you are afraid of UV damage to your skin. The newest Solar Defense line by Dermalogica keeps your youthful looks protected.

Let's get real: if sunblock smells like a chemistry classroom after a busy day at school, we are likely to skip it. And even if we do apply that sunblock, we will squint at disguise, and who needs those frown lines?

Recent polls show that most women today prefer sunblocks that multi-task, combining moisturizing and anti-aging properties with broad-spectrum sun protection. Research has found that antioxidant vitamins are as important as sunscreens when defending skin against the aging and burning effects of damaging ultraviolet light and free radicals.

For this reason, Dermalogica products feature UV Smart Booster Technology, a customized microcapsule that safeguards active vitamins, and then bursts open upon contact with UV rays, releasing an active ingredient complex of vitamins C and E for maximum free radical and daylight protection.

The most common complaint about sun protection is the way it feels - often thought of as chalky, pasty, white, thick and downright unpleasant, sunscreen products can clog pores, make skin feel greasy and even give us acne.

Dermalogica's new high-performance products combine the latest in sunscreen technology with sophisticated ingredients to provide maximum daylight exposure protection while treating each skin's specific condition.

We at Fashion Monitor instantly loved the Full Spectrum Block (1) (SPF15) that contains melissa, grape, echinacea and green tea antioxidant extracts along with mighty blend of sunblocks. With its fresh herbal scent (only a hint of sunblock smell, which is actually good, as it reminds us that summer is here) it's going to become a new staple in our summer skincare routine, along with impeccable Sheer Tint Moisture. We would only wish Dermalogica skipped triethanolamine in its formula as doctors have serious concerns about the safety of this ingredient.

Another great multi-tasker from Solar Defense line is Solar Defense Booster (2), a powerful SPF30 sunblock that can be mixed into any moisturizer or foundation - SPF would be slightly lower but still above SPF15, if you mix it in equal proportions. In addition to great protection, Solar Defense Booster offers great blend of anti-aging plant extracts, Lavender oil, retinyl palmitate and allantoin. For the highest waterproof and sun-proof capabilities, grab a convenient stick Solar Shield (3) stick (SPF15) that can be used on nose, lips and other areas that get the maximum sun exposure.

For sun worshippers among us - let's get real, we all crave that bronze skin tone! - Dermalogica introduces After Sun Repair (4), cream-gel with wonderful fresh citrus smell. Packed with Dermalogica's signature Reparative Complex of plant extracts, plus Hyaluronic acid for intense moisturization and homeopathic herbal blend to reduce sunburn pain and irritation, this treatment balm will become handy if you aren't careful enough with your sun exposure.

The summer is days away, the sun is high, so why run for cover? Shield yourself with smart sunblocks and have fun in the sun! Just remember that not a single sunblock can shield 100% of sun rays, so stay away from intense sun in the midday and reapply sunblocks after swimming or heavy perspiration.