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Hair Straightener

Stunning hair styles can be achieved using a hair straightener, regardless of whether you have long or short hair that is wavy or curly. With some straighteners you can even add a curl or flick to the end of your straightened hair for extra effect.

Good quality hair straighteners are comprised of two rounded tong-like barrels which are heated. They normally have a dial or switch that can be used to adjust the heat output, giving you options on how to style your hair.

A hair straightener should always be used on dry hair. You should also make sure that you get rid of any tangles in your hair before you start - a thorough brush-through will see to this.

Hair straightening can damage your hair if you do not use adequate hair care solutions. Use a deep conditioning shampoo at least once each week and a good quality shampoo if washed in-between. It is also recommended that you have your hair cut before using a hair straightener, as this will limit the appearance of split ends.