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Fragrant Healing with Aromatherapy

Fragrant healing with aromatherapy
In India too aromatherapy has come a long way since it came in to practice. Aroma therapist, Blossom Kochhar recalls how people would come for a drink when she started her first aromatherapy bar in New Delhi.

A decade later, they come to seek remedies for ailments ranging from skin disorders to arthritis and even diabetes.

"Aromatherapy is a line of treatment that uses essential oils and plant extracts to enhance health and beauty. It can be administered in a variety of ways. A massage is the most effective method, while baths combine oils with the therapeutic value of water. Doctors say that aromatherapy can bring relief especially for those with psychosomatic disorders like anxiety, depression and stress. But they emphasises that its not a cure, only a supplementary treatment, " Kochhar, says.

"There could also be side effects like dependence on a particular type of aroma or smell and skin allergies due to oils on extra sensitive skin. Some smells might also irritate some asthma patients. But whether as feel good session for some or as a scent of a cure for true believers, aroma therapy is definitely her to stay," Consultant (Medicine), Batra Hospital, Dr.Arun Dewan, says.

The main branches of aromatherapy include:
  • Home aromatherapy (self treatment, perfume & cosmetic use).
  • Clinical aromatherapy (as part of pharmacology and pharmacotherapy).
  • Aromachology (the psychology of odours and their effects on the mind).
So next time if you fall ill consider aromatherapy as the fragrant treatment.