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Florence business to start new skin care line

Amy Miles had taken classes in everything from interior design to social work in the years before she began Biologics International in 1997. The firm manufactures yeast extract for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

She recently enrolled in Northern Kentucky University's Organizational Leadership Program to finish a degree.

"I decided I really wanted to do something for my children, show them that wherever you are, regardless of if you own your own business, you need to finish things," she said.

Keith Schneider, NKU professor of entrepreneurship, was impressed with a marketing plan Miles submitted for class and encouraged her to submit it to the Kentucky Innovation Network for a grant, which she later received.

With the grant, Miles will use the raw materials Biologics produces now to begin her own finished skin care products, called "Made for Me," which will be sold on the Internet and at day spas.

"Once you get on the Internet you will be able to answer a few questions and we will tell you what we recommend for your skin type, instead of setting it on the shelf and having you guess what you need," said Miles.

Miles said she has always wanted to start her own finished product line and said she hopes they will move to the forefront of her business.

"I'm hopeful that it's going to change the direction of the company," Miles said.