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Feeling good about lipstick

Choosing a lipstick is about a lot more than simply finding the right shade. Great packaging also helps because it has that feelgood factor when you get it out of your make-up bag. Sturdy packaging also helps your lipstick to withstand being jostled about in a handbag. Yves Saint Laurent's six new shades in its Rouge Pur range offer a range of lovely summer pinks and plums, all encased in solid gold with that all-important YSL logo. You might not be able to afford the designer label clothes but you can afford a Rouge Pur lipstick at 15.50. From Beatties.

` Even if your stretch marks have been with you a long time, Elancyl claim that their new Stretch Mark Reducing Concentrate can help. Stretch marks can appear during pregnancy or weight gain and affect women of all ages and sizes. The concentrate has citrus and rosemary extracts as well as other goodies to help repair and restructure the skin. Even the act of massaging it in twice a day will help. After application skin feels silky smooth and polished. It is 14.95 for 75mls from selected Boots stores and pharmacies.

` Spray on self-tanners are all the rage at the moment and are heavily advertised as being easier to use than creams and lotions. Don't be too complacent, however, as all self-tanners need to be thoroughly rubbed in to ensure even application - even sprays. The Virgin Cosmetics Company has a new Spray on Sunshine with a light formula and a nozzle that will work in any reach areas. The product is lightly tinted so that you can judge where you need to apply more. It costs 14 for 150 mls from

` Elemis is the luxury spa brand with a range oucts that smell great and contain all sorts of plant extracts. The new Skin Solutions collection has three specialist products. Daily Redness Relief (45 for 50mls) is a soothing, anti-inflammatory moisturiser for those who have a high colour and contains a complex of malt, brown algae, honey, rose absolute and amino acids to reduce blotchiness. Coincidentally it also appears to have a smoothing and tightening effect on fine lines and wrinkles. Daily Shine Control (35) deals with oil and combination skins with a complex that contains amino acids, great burdock and watercress as well as lavender, jasmine and rose extracts. It gives skin a light matt finish. SOS Emergency Cream (45) is for sensitive, irritated skin that flares up due to hormonal imbalances, stress, dietary changes and dehydration. It's a good one to use after sport and to protect against environmental damage. Contains willow, amino acids, lavender and other soothing agents. Elemis products are available from the Eastthorpe Holistic Spa in Mirfield or by visiting